Toddler Who Swallowed A Button Cell Battery Now Has To Relearn How To Walk And Talk Due To Complications


May 17, 2018 17:29 By Fabiosa

A mother is raising awareness of the danger of button cell batteries after her son suffered major complications from swallowing them.

Cameron Soto's story

18-month-old Cameron Soto was severely injured after he swallowed a small battery. His mother, Marisa, noticed something was wrong when he finished playing. At first, she thought her son had a sore throat, but deep down, she felt that something more serious was going on with Cameron.

CCTV News / YouTube

Marisa immediately took her toddler to a hospital, and things soon got so much worse. Cameron was deteriorating so rapidly that he could not even eat at one point. Then, he began to vomit and foam at the mouth.

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CCTV News / YouTube

After some tests were done, it was discovered that Cameron had swallowed a button cell battery. This tiny coin-sized object is usually found in watches and small toys. Apparently, it was lodged in the boy's esophagus. It had caused that area to be inflamed, and his insides were swelling as a result. It had also spread to his brain and heart. The child was barely breathing.

To help with his breathing, doctors had to perform a tracheotomy, which was then followed by months of intubation. The procedures took such a toll on the boy that he had to learn how to eat and talk all over again.

Get well wishes for the boy

Many people who read about Cameron's story were heartbroken that the young boy had to suffer such a traumatizing ordeal.

Some took to social media to share their get well wishes for Cameron and a few other tips and advice that parents can learn from.

The dangers of button cell batteries

When one of these small batteries get stuck in a child's throat, the chemicals it contains can leak, which then creates a current strong enough to burn the tissue in the area. It takes only a few hours for the battery to cause major damage to the child's voice box. Like with Cameron's case, this can end up causing an extensive harm to the insides of the person affected.

These batteries are sometimes found in toys that kids play with. So, it is crucial for parents to always be vigilant.

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