Abuse In Nursing Homes: A Woman Caught On Camera Beating An 82-Year-Old With A Shoe. How To Choose A Good Nursing Home?

Date January 29, 2019

Elder abuse is a disturbing worldwide phenomenon, which is sometimes hard to discover. It occurs when a caregiver intentionally acts in a violent way towards an older person and causes harm or distress.

According to the World Health Organization, about 15.7% of people aged 60 years and older were subjected to some form of abuse in 2017. The study was based on data collected from 52 studies, which were carried out in 28 countries.

Abuse In Nursing Homes: A Woman Caught On Camera Beating An 82-Year-Old With A Shoe. How To Choose A Good Nursing Home?CREATISTA /

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A disturbing incident

This incident involved a 35-year-old nurse of Seaforth healthcare facility in Hornsby, North Sydney, and an 82-year-old man suffering from dementia.

The man’s daughter was worried when she began noticing dark bruises on her father’s body. Also, his mood was quickly, so she set up a surveillance camera in his room. Please, be warned that the following video contains graphic images.

Later on, the woman's worst fears were confirmed. Video footage from the room showed the nurse dragging his patient around, and even beating him with a shoe several times. His daughter Ayda Celine spoke to 7 News Sydney, expressing her sadness at the revelations.

The pain that he has been through, and he was so helpless that he couldn’t even call out for help. And even if he did, no one came to his aid.

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When does it end?

The incident sparked outrage on social media, especially as the Bupa Aged Care representative did not apologize to Ayda Celine and her family.

How to choose a nursing home 

Elder abuse is unacceptable behavior, and should not be encouraged or tolerated. Communities need to speak up if they notice such incidents, even if non-family members display it. It goes a long way to keeping elderly people happy.

There is no proof way to prevent such incidents, but we can do a lot to protect our elderly people.

There are some steps relatives can take that will improve their odds of picking a good nursing home.

  1. Take your time. Choosing a nursing home can be difficult, but slow down. You usually have more time than you think. 
  2. Do your research. Track the record of facilities you are considering.
  3. Visit nursing homes you are considering. 
  4. Ask for help. Consult with your family doctor or nursing home ombudsman. 

Making the choice to turn to nursing home care can be heart-wrenching, but you should be prepared. Knowing where to start can make this difficult decision much easier.

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