Uber Gone Bad: One Disturbing Phone Call Made This Woman In Vegas Jump Out Of A Car

Date September 19, 2018

According to a survey by The Statistics Portal, more than 650,000 people were reported missing in 2017. Of this number, almost 500,000 were under the age of 21 and females accounting for the most cases.

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However, for people over the age of 21, more males were reported as missing in the same year.

Close encounters

Back in July, Elizabeth Suarez was almost abducted by a fake Uber driver. Suarez shared her story with KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas. According to her, she booked an Uber from Park MGM. A few minutes later she got a notification that her car was outside.

Suarez saw a car matching the description of her Uber and she got in after speaking with the driver. However, she got a call while she was already in motion from the real Uber driver. At that moment, Suarez became very frightened.

My heart sank because I knew I was in the wrong car. “I had no idea who this guy is. I am in trouble”.

Suarez stayed calm and told her real Uber driver she was ok. Later on, she took a picture of the driver, startling him with her phone flash. When he demanded her wallet, Suarez threw it at him and then jumped out of the car as the driver tried to speed away.

Suarez’s quick thinking may have saved her from being abducted but it came at a price. She suffered a head injury and several broken bones including a broken ankle and a fractured wrist. Some of her friends started a GoFundMe page to help raise the $35,000 needed for her treatment.

Kidnappings can happen to anyone at any time. Personal safety experts recommend that people take self-defense training classes to prepare them for the worst. Sometimes, knowing even the basics can be enough to discourage a potential kidnapper.

Suarez’s case is far from over and she complained during her interview that the Metro police in Vegas was handling her case poorly, especially regarding details of her experience. We hope the Vegas police soon before he pulls off the same act on another unsuspecting Uber rider.

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