26-Year-Old Woman In Maryland Opens Fire On Her Colleagues, Kills 3, Injures 3, And Takes Her Own Life

Date September 21, 2018

3 people have been injured and 3 more reportedly killed in a Maryland warehouse shooting, which took place on Thursday. The culprit – a 26-year-old woman – shot herself in the head afterward.

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She shot her co-workers

LA Times reports that she worked in the building as a temporary staff prior to the rampage she unleashed at the Rite Aid distribution center.

This tragic incident follows news of another shooting on the same day at a software firm in Wisconsin, where 3 people were badly injured and the suspect, a man, reportedly killed himself.

What allegedly caused the shooting

A woman who identified herself as Krystal Watson, the wife of the Maryland suspect's co-worker, said the shooting happened just after an argument with a colleague. Watson said the suspect did not have a particular target. She just shot aimlessly.

Harford County officials showed up almost immediately and took the unidentified suspect into custody, while she was in critical condition just before she died. The three other victims who were shot are said to be receiving treatment at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, and their condition is currently unknown.

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