66-Year-Old U.S. Veteran Diagnosed With Cancer Had To Do A Yard Sale To Raise Money For His Own Funeral

Date October 1, 2018 09:34

Willie Davis of Cambria County, a 66-year-old U.S Navy veteran, has gone viral because of his heartbreaking story.

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He's raising money for his own funeral

In August, Davis took out his prized possessions into his yard and proceeded to do a sale to raise money for a funeral. When friends asked him who the funeral was for, his answer was, "mine."

His plan was to raise enough money to cover the expenses required to get him a final resting place next to his parents. And two men, David Dunkleberger and his friend, Ed Sheets, were so touched by his story that they chose to get him help on GoFundMe.

People are desperate to help him

Davis was earlier diagnosed with a stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma and reportedly got sicker because of the lack of proper medical treatment by the Veterans Administration.

He is said to have served between 1970 and 1976 during the Vietnam War. And as far as it is known was not discharged from the Navy under dishonorable circumstances.

The reactions to his story both on social media and his crowdfunding page have been inspiring. His friends set the target money for him at $5000, but so far, they have raised up to $15,000, exactly what is needed to give Davis his dream burial. People are touched by this veteran's story and desperate to help him get a decent final resting place.

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