Jane Fonda Celebrates The Power Of Women Over 50 With Vogue: "I'm Fond Of Age. I'm Glad I've Lived This Long"


April 11, 2019 10:32 By Fabiosa

The famous American actress Jane Fonda was chosen to cover the special edition of the British Vogue, targeted at women age 50 and up.

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The purpose of their cooperation was to stand against discrimination, and to celebrate the ageless style and beauty.

Power of women over 50

According to the campaign’s statement, the situation right now is rather sad, as women age 50 and up are very afraid of their absence in the beauty and fashion industries, and claim they are being discriminated by age.

It makes women feel miserable and not needed by anyone. But fortunately, we have a chance to change the situation for better.

In 2019, women over 50 remain conspicuous by their absence in the beauty and fashion industries, as well as the wider media landscape. Age discrimination most definitely still exists, both consciously and unconsciously, leaving many women feeling excluded and invisible.


Публикация от Jane Fonda (@janefonda)

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Jane Fonda has recently opened up her feelings about aging and revealed she feels beautiful in her 80s. At such a solid age, she is truly happy and positive as never before.

I didn’t think I’d ever ever live this long – or feel that I’m whole or getting whole. I feel very intentional about realising that it’s up to me how this last part of my life goes.

Aging can be so beautiful!

I'm fond of age. I'm glad Iive lived this long.

People’s reaction

Of course, the project couldn’t be left without everybody’s attention and people keep leaving comments, writing how beautiful women age 50 and up look.


Women are amazing at any age. Bravo!!!!

@ jandevilleneuve:

A full life includes youth & old age! Just hard to appreciate that as a young person. 💟💟💟 Thanks


What a woman! 🔥


Love Jane Fonda she rocks and embraces that a number does not define you as a women ! Go Jane x


Публикация от Jane Fonda (@janefonda)

Jane Fonda celebrated the power of women age 50 and up and proved that they can look beautiful no matter how old they are!

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