Reason Why Kate Middleton Loves To Wear “Old-Fashioned” Forest Green And Makes Us Obsessed With This Noble Color

Date May 6, 2019

Kate Middleton is a style icon, and the world can’t stop watching her new stylish outfits. Of course, the Duchess is always in the center of the media attention and experts keep analyzing her wardrobe, looking for the reason why she chooses specific colors and designs.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also considered to be a fashion inspiration for millions of people around the world since the moment she married Prince William.

There is even a phenomenon called 'Kate Middleton effect' — when royal fans immediately start buying everything Kate Middleton wears for the various events.


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Why she prefers green forest?

Experts noticed that Kate Middleton prefers green forest color in her outfits, and are wondering whether there is a specific reason for such a choice.

Celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage claims the Duchess of Cambridge likes this color, as it’s the perfect combination for her hair and skin tone.

Green is a perfect colour for Kate in terms of complimenting her natural colouring her hair and eye tone, it really enhances her and give her a fresh healthy glow.

And even though choosing the specific color is a bit old-fashioned, Kate Middleton proves that sometimes, it is necessary in order to look elegant and stylish.

It may seem a bit old fashioned to "have your colours done" but she has proven that in actuality we all have colours that work better for us than others.

By the way, there is a color that Kate Middleton has never worn – orange. Moreover, she avoided it in all forms, light, dark or in-between. Most likely, it’s her personal preference, and Kate just doesn’t like it a lot.

The celebrity stylist revealed the real reason why Kate Middleton prefers green forest, claiming it gives her a fresh and healthy glow.