51-Year-Old Celine Dion About How She Started Her Life Over At 50: "I Have The Sense That I Am At My Pinnacle"

Date May 6, 2019

The popular singer Celine Dion became the pop culture icon, and she keeps inspiring millions of people around the world.

The world desperately needed such a great role model, who could fascinate so many people globally. Moreover, Celine Dion’s performances are considered to be one of the most memorable.

Life starts at 50

After the death of René Angélil, to whom Celine Dion was happily married for more than twenty years, from 1994 till 2016, she thought life would never be the same again.

Nevertheless, the iconic singer managed to overcome all the difficulties and start her life over.

Celine claims she reached a point when she can let herself make her own decisions and choices, and be truly happy. She lives her life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of it.

Now I am discovering myself more and more. I am a woman assuming her own destiny, full of energy and in love with life. It’s never too late to start. At 51, I have the sense that I am at my pinnacle!

Dion proves that people can have an adventurous and interesting life at any age, and the most important is to stay positive and never give up. She is truly inspiring!


Публикация от ELLE Magazine (@elleusa)

A little earlier, Celine Dion told about her weight loss, and how she manages to look so beautiful. She confirmed that now she looks thinner, but there is no reason to worry, as everything is alright.

It’s true that I’m a little thinner. Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong.

The iconic Celine Dion proved that it is possible to start life over at any age and be truly happy no matter what.