"I Would Have 100 Kids!": Happy Mom-Of-Three Kate Hudson Opens Up About Future Baby Plans

Date April 15, 2019 13:09

Kate Hudson is a proud mom-of-three, and she really enjoys being a mother.


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Her elder ones – sons Ryder and Bingham – are aged 15 and 7 respectively, and her youngest child, daughter Rani Rose, is six months old, so the actress needs a different approach with each of them, given the age difference.

Kate says she’ll approach raising Rani in a very modern way. She’s quoted by AOL as saying:

I think you just raise your kids individually regardless, like a genderless [approach]. We still don't know what she's going to identify as.


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Three kids may sound like a lot, but not to Kate! The 39-year-old has recently admitted that baby number 4 is a very real possibility.

Kate on motherhood and future baby plans

During her recent sit-down with Rachael Ray, the happy mom said it’s pure joy watching her kids grow.


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She told Rachael:

People kind of go, "I want to freeze them when they're little." I'm like, I don't, actually. I'm having a blast.


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Kate also admitted that she would love to have more kids and she enjoys pregnancy:

I would have 100 kids. I love being pregnant.

She added that pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park, especially the third trimester, but it’s so worth it! She said about her latest one:

I didn't like the third trimester on this one, it was pretty brutal. But I'd still do it again.


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Kate’s boys enjoy being older brothers

Kate often shares pictures of her kids on Instagram. The joyful snaps make it clear that Ryder and Bingham are not the least bit jealous of all the attention their baby sister is getting.


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In fact, the boys enjoy helping their mom with Rani, and they are very protective of her.


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Baby Rani is so lucky! She’s surrounded by love and tender care on all sides.