Endlessly Devoted Prince Harry "Would Do Anything" For Meghan, Princess Diana's Close Friend Says

Date April 26, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairytale love story is about to become even more perfect, now that their first child is expected to arrive any moment now.


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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have remained the most talked-about royal couple ever since they officially confirmed their relationship. Fans of the British Royal family are fascinated by them, and their story may even be made into a movie one day!


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It’s obvious that Harry has changed a lot since he met Meghan. While critics claim that Meghan has Harry under her thumb and is a bad influence, supporters see only genuine love and unconditional devotion between the two. Debbie Frank, Princess Diana’s friend and astrologer, is among the latter.

Debbie’s thoughts on Harry’s feelings

Debbie recently spoke about the royal couple on Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box. She admires the way Harry cares for Meghan!


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She said that Harry is so devoted to Meghan he’s ready to do absolutely anything for her:

Harry loves to do things for other people. He’s a bit more like the royal servant even though he is the royal prince.

But he would love to do anything he can for her. He’s very devoted.


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On a side note, Debbie offered her opinion on William and Kate’s rock-solid relationship:

Kate and William are opposites and they say opposites attract. I think William needs his own rock, his own steadying force. I think that’s what Kate really is for him.


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Meghan and Harry look like an ideal couple in public, or at least that’s the impression their fans have, looking at their adorable PDAs and loving stares. But what are they like behind closed doors?

Their friend, journalist Bryony Gordon, says that in private Harry and Meghan are just the way they are during public appearances: two people who love each other and deeply care about each other.


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Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine earlier this year, Bryony said about the couple:

[They are] so adorable. I saw them recently and genuinely lovely, happy, you know, first flushes of love, first year of being married. I'm like just you wait!


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Their unique bond will be even stronger once their baby arrives, and we can’t wait to see them as a lovely family of three!