Mother Of Boy Found Dead Of Malnutrition In Leeds Was More Concerned About The Cost Of His Funeral


June 8, 2018 16:56 By Fabiosa

Hearing for the case regarding 18-year-old Jordan Burling who was found near-dead on an inflatable mattress in his family home in Leeds on June 30, 2016 has begun. Apparently, the teenager had been immobile for several weeks before authorities arrived the scene.

The Mirror says Burling's mother Dawn Cranston (45) and grandmother Denise Cranston (70) were “emotionless” and “calm” for the 50minutes paramedics tried to save the boy’s life.

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Bridgett Sheppard, a paramedic who was part of the team that responded to Dawn Cranston’s 911 call, described the state of Jordan Burling when she arrived.

He was very, very pale and you could see every bone. His eyes looked sullen and I noticed he looked to have an adult nappy on. I asked the mum why Jordan was so thin and she responded saying he hadn’t been eating for a few weeks.

Yesterday, all three members of the family stood in court to answer questions concerning their treatment of Jordan Burling. Dawn Cranston was reported to have been more concerned about burying the boy, asking a paramedic "How much does a funeral cost?".

Paramedic, Robert Tiffany, in his testimony said that the state of the family house was enough cause for concern, as it was in disarray.

It was an unusual house, very cluttered and piled high with boxes and bag. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Prosecutor, Nicholas Lumley QC, revealed that Jordan Burling had an unhappy childhood. Due to problems controlling his bowels, he was withdrawn from primary school.

Jordan went on to Farnley Park High School, but after a couple of terms, his mother wrote to the local authority, telling them that she intended to home school him. He never attended school or college again, never took any examinations or achieved any qualifications.

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The prosecutor also said that the teenager was hardly accounted for by education and health services in Leeds.

Jordan Burling's father, Steven Burling, is said to have been estranged from the rest of the family and knew only so much of the boy’s condition.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered with regard the death of the teenager, and this first day of hearing only revealed so much.

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