1-Year-Old Dies After Her Father Forgot Her 'All Day' In A Car


May 24, 2018 14:50 By Fabiosa

A 1-year-old girl in Nashville, Tennessee lost her life after her adoptive father forgot her in a car. The incident occurred outside the family home in East Nashville.

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Police investigations reveal that the father had earlier dropped the girl’s sibling at a daycare center before returning home.

The child was not discovered until about 5:50 pm when her mother came home from work. Although the little girl was immediately rushed to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.

The premises have been cordoned off by the police, and investigations continue to determine if the incident was premeditated or not.

Leaving children in cars is very dangerous

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It goes without saying that leaving children unattended in motor vehicles is very dangerous. In most cases like this one, heatstroke is the likely outcome and death.

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Fatal distraction is a situation where short-term memory fails and is often the cause of incidents where children are forgotten in cars. But there are several ways to prevent it.

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For starters, always remember to leave car windows cranked open when you stop driving. Having an object like a toy on the front seat as a reminder helps if you have a child in the back. Electronic tags that are connected to cellphones can also be great reminders.

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In areas like Victoria, Australia, fines and jail term await people who forget children in cars. But sometimes, the cost is much greater, and no reparation can save the life of a child forgotten in a car.

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