Australian Actress Cathy Godbold Lost Her Everlasting Battle With Cancer And Passed Away At 43


May 9, 2018 11:42 By Fabiosa

Australian famous actress Cathy Godbold passed away at the age of 43 due to the lost battle with cancer. The family is mourning about the early death of the indomitable fighter.

Cathy’s acting was mostly recognized with her role as Meg Bowman in Home and Away and Deborah Hale Regnery in The Saddle Club. Godbold was flawlessly starring in numerous other movies and TV series until she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain cancer condition in 2007. The tumor was removed, and a long path of chemotherapy started.

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Cathy was fighting with the terrifying problem for ten long years, but in January 2018, she was claimed to have another tumor developed. The desperate news turned out to be terminal. Cathy Godbold died on May 4 at her hospital bedside:

Cathy was a wonderful, young woman and a very talented young actress. But like all brain tumors, it eventually took over and it was just a tragic, tragic end.


With the ironic twist of fate, her character was also suffering from cancer and eventually died near her on-screen boyfriend, Blake Dean, in 1992. Cathy was claimed to be cheerful and in good moods in her last weeks, and nothing meant trouble.

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Fans are bewailing the death of the talented actress. Even though the long battle with cancer is lost, Godbold’s strong character will forever be with us and remind about her cheerful roles.

Rest in peace, fabulous actress.

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