Deaf Pregnant Woman Was Punched In The Stomach After Trying To Protect Her Service Dog From The Enraged Man

The deaf 5-month pregnant woman reportedly claimed the police she and her service dog were punched in the airplane by the enraged man who then tried to avoid law enforcement officers. The attacker was also accused of hitting two young girls.

Deaf family

Hazel Ramirez lives a happy life together with her beloved husband, Mathew Silvay. Even though the two suffer from the lack of hearing abilities, they bring up two beautiful daughters.

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Moreover, Hazel is now pregnant with the third baby, and the family is patiently waiting for the “reinforcement".

Ramirez also owns a service dog, Great Dane Zariel. She is eight months old, well trained, and has all the appropriate certification. Unfortunately, not all people have enough respect for Hazel and her conditioned family.

Act of disrespect

On May 17, during the Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado Springs to Orlando International Airport, an unpleasant accident shook the board, as the plane was ready to land.

Zariel was peacefully sleeping near her owner and heard an order to wake up. The dog stretched itself, as all animal would usually do. However, another passenger, Timothy Manley, considered such behavior unbearable. He punched the poor dog with his fist, causing Hazel to protect her little friend.

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Already near the exit gate, Manley pushed the pregnant woman into the belly, as she and her husband were trying to keep him from evading the police:

Unfortunately, the man was determined to leave, so he ran and punched my belly then pushed my two daughters, they fell and cried so hard.

According to Timothy, his wife was suffering from the allergic issue at that moment, and he just wanted the dog to move away from them. He was also disturbed about animal’s presence in the plane. However, service dogs are officially allowed on board in case of proper certification and correct breeding.

Don't touch the pregnant

Not only hitting a pregnant woman is a severe legal issue, but it is also one of the gravest moral offenses. The baby inside is fragile and can be injured even with the slightest wrong move. That is simply unacceptable to hit a pregnant woman, so under no circumstance should Timothy Manley have expressed his discontent in such a way.

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