Twin Kids Passed Away In The Scorching Car After Being 'Accidentally' Left By Their Parents

Date May 18, 2018 15:14

Twin kids were found dead in the scorching SUV after their parents ‘accidentally’ had left them in the vehicle. Police didn’t start a criminal case, confirming they supposed it wasn’t intentional.

Two five-month-old kids were stated dead after spending some time in their parent’s vehicle. Virginia police claimed the children were accidentally left in the car for too long that caused one of them to die in the vehicle immediately, while another has passed away a few hours later.

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The temperature inside the SUV is not revealed as the investigation is still in process. According to the weather forecast, it was around 70 degrees that afternoon, meaning the temperature inside could have raised up to 104 degrees in half an hour.

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The reasons the kids were left in the car are still unknown with the police investigation around. The children were claimed to be immediately transported to Chippenham Hospital where they were confirmed to be dead. The neighbors said the family was devastated:

Her [mother's] kids are her world. They were beautiful. Bundles of joy. Blessings. It's tragic what happened, I don't even know how to help them with their pain.


Leaving your kid inside a car, regardless of circumstances, may play a cruel joke with you. As happened with the twins, the outside temperature of 70 degrees turns into more than 100 inside the vehicle that may cause dizziness, lack of fresh air, loss of consciousness, and eventually death.

Even 10 minutes in the car may be fatal. Therefore, take care of your kids and never leave them alone in the vehicle.

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