He Was Just Dumping The Trash: The Father Of Twin Girls Died In Front Of His Daughters After Being Shot In The Chest

Date May 11, 2018

The father of three kids was shot in his chest while dumping the trash. Roy Eunice managed to return home, said the last words to his 10-year-old twin girls, and died in front of them.

Deadly dumping

It was late evening when Roy Eunice was taking out the garbage from his home. Moments later his twin daughters, who turned ten last week, heard three consecutive shots.

The next few seconds perpetuated in girls’ memory forever – their fatally wounded father entered through the door, ordered to call mom and 911, collapsed, and died in front of the twins.

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One bullet went through the front door of the house along Broadway near Santa Cruz Way in Oak Park, the second flew through the walls, and the third stuck in Roy’s chest.

Sister's comments

Eunice’s sister Mary Thompson gave extensive comments on the senseless murder. The woman described her brother as a responsive person, always eager to help everybody, particularly his daughters’ school:

He is a parent that would get awards from the school for his participation. He not only helped out the school he helped out the teachers with supplies.

Thompson also officially claimed that she forgave the insulter. The only thing she asked a killer was to tell the reason for the murder, as she truly believed that was not right.

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Staying safe

That is not the first incident in the same block. The previous December, the neighborhood mourned a 16-year-old teenager, whose homicide remained unsolved. Such dangerous area requires additional protection and particular attention to details.

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In order to decrease the chances of the possible disaster, equip your house with as much outdoor light as possible. Moreover, install the CCTV cameras to be aware of everything happening outside. Finally, forget about dumping the garbage at night. It is much safer to do this early in the morning when everybody gets ready for the working day.

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Take care of yourself. Keep your eyes skinned.

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