Hugh Dane, A Person Who Played Hank The Security Guard On 'The Office', Has Died At The Age Of 75


June 5, 2018 12:53 By Fabiosa

Hugh Dane, a beloved actor who famously played the iconic security guard on The Office, has sadly passed away at the age of 75.

Remembering the eminent actor, Hugh Dane

Hugh Dane had a long and successful acting career on television that dates back to 1990s. Though Dane had a late start in Hollywood, he still made a number of memorable roles in sitcoms and TV shows.

During his acting career, Hugh appeared in several popular series including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boy Meets World, Martin, and others.

But of course, his most iconic role which made Dane a world-favorite actor was in the comedy sitcom The Office. Dane portrayed a security guard Hank who became an integral member of the cast family.

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The news about Hugh’s demise was a real shock to his devoted fans. Dane passed away at 75 surrounded by his loving family. The cause of death has yet to be revealed.

We will miss you!

Hugh’s co-star on the sitcom, Rainn Wilson, tweeted out the sad news on Monday. Other cast members joined Wilson with touching tributes in memory of their late friend.

Our condolences to Dane’s family on their loss. Hugh was a talented actor, a person with an exceptional sense of humor, and a big fan of blues.

 Rest in peace, dear Hugh.

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