Man Was Sentenced To Death For Torturing And Killing An 8-Year-Old Boy: “I Thought He Was Gay”


June 8, 2018 16:03 By Fabiosa

A man was sentenced to death penalty for torturing and killing an 8-year-old boy. Why would he do all those horrible things? The monster said he thought the boy was gay.

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Man gets a death penalty for animalistic murder

This horrible crime shocked the community by its inexcusable cruelty. We haven’t heard about such animalistic killing of a child for a long time.

8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez of Palmdale was brutally killed by his mother’s boyfriend because he suspended the kid to be gay. His mother was aware of the domestic abuse and did nothing to stop the offender. She was sentenced to life in jail after the court hearing.

Investigators told that Gabriel was beaten, tied up, and starved for a long time. The boy was taken to a hospital in a critical condition with a fractured skull and burns across his body. He died two days after he was hospitalized.

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When Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, called 911 to report that her son wasn't breathing, she told an operator that he had fallen and hit his head.

Later, in the court, the woman confessed she intentionally tortured her son. Pearl’s partner, who was sentenced to death by the judge, explained the reason for his cruel deed:

I thought he was gay.

Gabriel's teacher, Jennifer Garcia, addressed to the court ahead of sentencing:

I find comfort in believing he is now at peace. And I know that unlike him, his abusers will never have peace. They will have a lifetime of suffering to endure, and I know I'm not alone in hoping they experience the same abuse in their lifetime and worse.

It’s so sad that there are people in this world capable to do such awful things. Thankfully, these monsters are in jail now. We hope little Gabriel will find his peace in heaven.

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