‘Miracle Mom’ That Gave Birth To A Baby Boy While In Coma Passed Away


May 22, 2018 14:17 By Fabiosa

A miracle mom, Sharista Giles, that gave birth to a baby boy while in coma passed away on Monday. Her demise became a devastating loss for her family and little son.

Story of a ‘miracle mom’

Sharista Giles became a nationally known ‘miracle mom’ after she gave birth to a baby while being in coma. Her story generated a huge public attention several years ago.

20-year-old Sharista was driving back home from a concert when a horrible car accident happened. Sharista, who was 5-months pregnant, was hospitalized with severe injuries and brain damage. Doctors were not sure she would ever recover.

While being in coma, Giles gave birth to a baby boy. His name is Leighton, and he's a normal kid, healthy and happy.

Two years later, Sharista suddenly woke up from coma. Her family said the experience has made them believe in true miracles.

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When Sharista saw her little son for the first time after her miraculous awakening, she was over the moon to hold her long-expecting child. Her aunt Beverly said:

If you’re a mother, you would know the bond and she had that bond with her son.

Tragic loss

On Monday, May 21, Sharista Giles sadly passed away. The cause of her death was reportedly a cardiac arrest, which more likely happened due to complications after the car accident.

Sharista’s demise became a tragic loss not just for her family but for everyone who’s heard about the miracle mom’s story.

Our condolences to the family on their tragic loss. Rest in peace, dear Sharista.

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