Be Careful! Oregon Dept. Of Forestry Warns Residents As Human Caused Forest Fires Continue To Escalate

Date August 10, 2018

On August 2, a forest fire broke out in the east of Portland, Oregon. In a matter of hours, the raging flames had burned through roughly 5760 acres of land, forcing authorities to enforce compulsory evacuations from the area.

Besides the vegetation, some property damage was also recorded. State officials say two fires in the north of California have ravaged about 89600 acres of vegetation since the beginning of the year.

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According to the Pacific Northwest arm of the Forest Service, humans are responsible for 71% of fires recorded in the area since January. Campfires are the most common cause of forest fires, and authorities continue to appeal to campers about being responsible with fires.

In the past week alone, the Oregon Department of Forestry has responded to 30 fires caused by humans. Collectively, these fires have resulted in over 20,000 acres of burned land. Vehicles overheating and faulty car exhausts are also causes of fires.

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There is already a statewide ban on sky lanterns during this season. For gun enthusiasts, exploding targets and tracer ammunition is also off limits.

The biggest concern for the Forestry Department is that the fire season is not even at a peak yet. With about a third of personnel engaged in the Pacific Northwest, there is a possibility that the department will be unable to contain future fires.

Volunteer firefighters are joining efforts by the Forestry Department to contain the situation, and there is some hope that it does not escalate any further in the coming weeks.

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