All Red Sunday: Residents Of Osaka Bay, Japan, Witnessed This Stunning View Of Summer's Last Full Moon


August 31, 2018 17:13 By Fabiosa

On August 26 this year, the world witnessed the last full moon of the summer. Photographer Dennis Doucet took this spectacular picture in Osaka Bay in Japan. In some way, the image looks a lot like the Full Blood Moon of July.

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In Japan, the movement of the moon at this time of the year positively affects fish migration, and Indians living around the Great Lakes have better sturgeon catches around this time.


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The last full moon of the summer is called the 'sturgeon moon'. Native Americans also call it the 'green corn moon' and 'grain moon' as they gather their crops this time of the year.

What says the moon?

Apart from fishing and harvest cycles, astrologists also have their take on this summer phenomena.

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Besides Japan, the summer moon was also visible in other parts of the world, and many people on social media shared images that were just as spectacular as Doucet’s.

Did you catch the last summer full moon? Remember to share your pictures so everyone can appreciate the wonder of mother nature.

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