Pray With Us! Residents Of Southwestern United States Plead For Hurricane Florence To Pass Over


September 14, 2018 18:07 By Fabiosa

In the weeks and days leading up to the arrival of hurricane Florence, millions of Americans across the southwestern United States were preparing for the worst. At least a million people evacuated to other parts of the country, which were less likely to be affected by the Category 1 storm.


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Fearing damage to valuables, business owners boarded up their stores, and some residents did the same. What is striking about this storm is that the people were hoping the storm would not show up, despite grave warnings from the weather authorities.


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Messages like these are a popular site across many towns and cities – people are appealing to hurricane Florence to pass over. Sadly, the storm has hit, ignoring multiple messages and prayers people left in plain sight.

What makes it so devastating?

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Hurricane Florence is a Category 1 storm, and as at Thursday, it had reached sustained winds of 90 mph. Storms like these often cause massive ocean surges that lead to flooding in coastal cities. Torrential rains are also likely to follow as the storm sets in.

In addition, many areas along the path of the storm may experience devastation by high winds, traffic disruption due to debris, and disconnected power lines. Emergency services are usually the worst hit in these situations, as they find it harder to respond to the calls for help.

Meanwhile, the Americans continue to share their concerns for the safety of the millions of people in the path of the storm.

For those without the means to relocate, hunkering down and preparing for the worst was the only option. Many stores ran out of basic supplies as residents who planned to ride out the storm bought everything that sat on shelves.

We hope and pray that the storm passes quickly and life can return to normal for the people of southwestern United States.

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