Woodlake PD Officer Faces Sexual Harrassment Charges After Two Women Speak Up

Date September 17, 2018

Last week, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Woodlake Police Department officer for sexually assaulting two women while on duty. 26-year-old Oscar Robles is charged with “penetration with a foreign object, false imprisonment, assault under the color of authority, and intimidation of a victim.”

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Officers revealed that a woman complained about Robles during a routine sweep of Visalia area. According to her, the officer had sexually assaulted her days before. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Crimes Against Persons Unit took over the investigation and eventually, discovered another woman, who had similar complaints against Robles.

The Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux addressed a press conference on Friday, September 14, and informed the press that Robles was arrested on September 13. He was then was remanded in Kings County Jail “for his own protection.”

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Boudreaux made the decision in consideration of Robles’ safety, stating that some people arrested by Robles may be in jail, and could cause harm to Robles during the investigation. The Sherriff also noted that neither of Robles’ victims knew each other, and their cases are independent.

Assault and sexual harassment by police officers is an ugly affair, more so because the task of these men and women in uniforms is to protect civilians. Cases like this continue to raise concern among the Americans, and many wonder what exactly the police is doing to curtail such incidents.

If you ever experience assault by a police officer, endeavor to make an official report. Most police departments have a public complaints unit that handles such matters. Do not suffer in silence. Your action might save an innocent person from abuse.

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