#MeToo: McDonalds Workers Storm The Streets Of Kansas In Protest Against Sexual Harassment

Date September 19, 2018

On Tuesday, September 18, hundreds of workers at McDonald's restaurants across America trooped out to protest sexual harassment in the workplace. The walk-out is coming after more than 27 women complained of sexual harassment at work.

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According to the protesters, the mega-chain has done little to enforce company policies against sexual abuse. In addition, the workers complained that McDonald's was not acting decisively when workers made complaints. Groping, indecent exposure, and lewd comments top the list of incidents reported by McDonald's workers over the past years.

Protesters take to the streets of Kansas

The protest was planned to take place in several cities across the country including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Protesters were joined by other concerned citizens. Some shared on Snapchat these images during the 1-hour walk-out. The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund has also thrown its weight behind the protesting workers, noting that McDonald's need to take sexual harassment and abuse claims more seriously.

Barbara Johnson works with McDonald's in Missouri and is herself a victim of sexual abuse. She says she was harassed sometime during the year. Her case motivated her to mobilize other workers around the country and stage the walkout.


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It has never happened before

This is the first time staff of any organization in America is staging a walkout since the start of the #MeToo movement. Meanwhile, commentators on social media feel that this is a step in the right direction and support the McDonald's workers in their protests.


The spokesperson for McDonald's Andrea Abate maintains that the company has strict policies against sexual harassment.

She also suggested that the company enforces these policies in all store locations around the country. Nevertheless, it is likely the company will have to review their enforcement of these policies very soon.

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Protest Storm