Thousands Of People Storm The Streets In Protest At The Global Climate Summit In San Francisco

Date September 14, 2018 12:58

Thousands of angry Californians took to the streets on September 13 in an attempt to stop the Global Climate Action Summit taking place in the city. Democratic governor Jerry Brown hosted the event, and he is one of several state administrators hailed for standing up to the Trump administration on climate change issues.

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However, the demonstrators say that Brown has been partial in his commitment to reducing pollution in the state, abandoning some areas and encouraging oil and gas drilling that has been detrimental to the health of residents.

Is he partial?

California’s central valley is densely populated by drilling operations and suffers some of the worst air quality in the country. People living in the vicinity are prone to serious health conditions. Residents also suggested that Brown intentionally zones these facilities to areas predominantly occupied by people of color.

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One resident expressed her disappointment at the governors handling of the 2015 Aliso Canyon natural gas leak that caused serious damage to some parts of Los Angeles. Jane Fowler, lives in Porter Ranch area, near the site of the leak.

It is appalling that Governor Brown would celebrate himself as a climate leader while he sentences my community to suffer from severe breathing problems, rare cancers, nosebleeds and rashes.

Change is on the way

This week, the governor signed a bill to bring about “100% carbon-free electricity by 2045”. In addition, he said that carbon emissions in the state would be reduced to zero by the end of the same year.

Global warming is still a major issue of contention in the United States and many pro-Trump supporters insist that the media and scientists are using global warming as a way to make money from Americans.

In spite of the naysaying, the evidence is clear to see. Every year millions of people suffer the effect of drilling and consumption of fossil fuels in America. Californians have always taken pride in their stance against policies that harm them and it seems they are not backing down anytime soon.

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