Where Are The Mountains? A Traveler's Photos Reveals Just How Much Pollution Exists In America

Date August 20, 2018 16:19

Pollution in America is a nagging problem that continues to cause concern among scientists and everyday people as well. This photo shared by a traveler on Reddit is another grim reminder of how serious the issue is.

In a before-and-after collage, the Reddit user showed the same frame with a major difference. While in one picture the Washington State Mountains were visible, the other picture had a wall of smoke obliterating the entire mountain from view.

r/mildlyinteresting / Reddit

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Besides the issue of aesthetics, there are far-reaching health concerns. A "State of the Air" report released in April 2017 by the American Lung Association showed that over 125 million Americans were resident in areas with heavily polluted air.

Venturelli Luca /

Janice Nolen, lead author behind the report noted that the major cause of pollution in the US is vehicle exhaust worsened by traffic. And it is not limited to Washington State.

J Dennis /

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Particles from forest fires and dust also contribute to the buildup of smog in the upper atmosphere. In addition, strong winds can easily move pollution across cities unchecked. California has some of the most polluted cities in America and is closely followed by Pennsylvania.







President Trump maintains his position on global warming, calling it a ploy by unscrupulous scientists to limit coal production and stifle the economy, among other things. However, the numbers do not lie and if these images from Washington State are anything to go by, America may be worse off than many imagine.

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