Are You Feeling The Power Of 'Harvest Moon'? What It Means For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


September 26, 2018 19:39 By Fabiosa

Breathtaking lunar phenomenon 'Harvest Moon' lit up the skies when it turned full on September 25. Sky 8 was able to make some marvelous shots up close, capturing the overwhelming beauty of the spectacular moon.

People were amazed by 'Harvest Moon'

Many tried to capture the magnificent moonlight during the special night, and it was definitely a sight to see.

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This phenomenon got its name owing to appearing during the most favorable season for farmers. In addition, the bright light from 'Harvest Moon' helps them with the harvest.

Similar to many cosmic occurrences, 'Harvest Moon' can be tough on people suffering from cardiovascular disease, as well as cause some uncomfortable headaches.

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But aside from the influence on health, astrologists believe this lunar phenomenon had a powerful impact on zodiac signs.

What does 'Harvest Moon' mean for your zodiac sign?

Aries. Although this year the moon is in Aries, people of this sign don't get any favors. Active Aries are advised to slow down during this time and take a break.

Taurus. Put aside your regular logical thinking and listen to your intuition.

Gemini. This is the best time to try new things.

Cancer. Repair bad relationships and wipe the slate clean.

Leo. Most carefree sign during 'Harvest Moon'. Enjoy September and live to the fullest!

Virgo. It's time to be open for new love, or, for those in relationships, embrace romance and appreciate your partner.

Libra. Often indecisive Libras should take the opportunity to make a major decision. Stars will help you.

Scorpio. Use this time to ditch a bad habit.

Sagittarius. You might want to go out and party all the time, but remember that everything is good in moderation.

Capricorn. Stay home and indulge in some me-time.

Aquarius. You will feel very persuasive and people will listen more closely to what you have to say. Don't waste this precious chance.

Pisces. Take control of your spending habits and get your finances in order.

Make the best of 'Harvest Moon' time!

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