Injured Afghan Soldier Was 'Treated Like Trash' By His Employers After He Risked His Life To Save Them. Now, He's Suing

Date August 27, 2018

A Nepali man, Man Bahadur Thapa, says he and his colleagues were treated like trash by their employer after they put their lives on the line to protect Canadians in a 2016 Afghanistan suicide attack.

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Thapa's story

Along with the dead and injured victims of the attack, Thapa claims he served as part of a coalition force to combat terrorism. And, at the time of the blast, he was a guard working via a contractor with the Canadian Embassy, in Kabul.

He and his colleagues were on their way to the Embassy when their armored minibus was blown up by a suicide bomber.

They are suing, but opinions are divided

According to the report on The New York Times, Thapa, who was badly mutilated in the attack but lucky enough to survive, says his employers treated him and his injured mates like goats afterwards. They were blindsided. 

They are suing the company who contracted them to work for the Canadian embassy as well as the country, but Thapa, who seems to have lost the will to live, says these days “death would be a respite for him.

Online, opinions are divided. There are people who believe Thapa and his colleagues were simply paid mercenaries who got caught in the line of duty, and others who are calling out the Canadian government. What do you think?

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