#HurricaneMichael: Strongest Storm In The US Since 1969 Wrecks Widespread Destruction Along The Florida Coast

Date October 11, 2018 12:54

Weeks after Hurricane Florence tore through cities in the US, Hurricane Michael has caused major havoc in the cities around the Southwest and even outside of America.

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It's the strongest since 1969

Michael hit regions in Florida on Wednesday where 20 million people had been placed on flood and tornado alerts. It is reportedly the strongest storm to hit the US since 1969 and the overall third largest Hurricane in America's recorded history.

Experts say reached an unprecedented wind speed of 155mph named it a category 4 storm. Relief centers were opening their doors to residents as early as Monday.

Casualties recorded so far

So far, 14 casualties have been reported and from eyewitness accounts online, the damage was even more disastrous.

Metereologist, Brad Nitz shared a disturbing aerial shot of the region under threat and adviced that it was dangerous and life-threatening.

But by Wednesday, ABC reports that people along the Florida coast who did not heed warnings to evacuate were already trapped.

Hurricane Michael has so far affected countries outside of the US including Honduras, Cuba and El Salvador, and it is currently approaching the state of Georgia. We hope this is the last we hear of major Hurricanes this year.

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