Is A Tornado Approaching Iowa? Scary Snapchat Videos Show Severe Rains Caused By Hurricane Florence


September 19, 2018 14:38 By Fabiosa

The aftereffects of hurricane Florence could be dangerously approaching Iowa and the Nebraska region.

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High winds and hail predicted

A tweet sent out by a user @Fulltiltweather shares a disturbing weather report photo showing signs of high winds and hail forming around the Iowa Heights and Nebraska area.

The account warned that a tornado was possibly approaching, but not expected. The weather channels confirmed strong winds and noted that 24-hour long heavy rains would very likely hit Iowa and Cedar River basins.

Eyewitness reports and live feeds

An Iowa resident who goes, @EllieODaire, claimed that there wasn't any storm scare in her location.

She added with some humor that they had been besieged by a "swarms of bugs blanketing Iowa and Missouri."

But, she appears to be alone as videos on Snapchat show that the rains hitting Iowa hard with residents afraid that this could become a full-blown tornado.

This comes as reports insist Hurricane Florence is weakening. Over the weekend, Florence wrecked havoc in North and South Carolina and early this week, a passing tornado touched parts of Virginia leaving destruction in its wake.

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