Strange! These People Woke Up To Find A Giant Spider Web Taking Over Their Seaside Town In Greece

Date September 21, 2018

This has to be the biggest spider web in the world, period! And, it was found somewhere in Greece where it seems to have appeared out of nowhere and covered up plants, trees, and boats along the lagoon in the town of Aitoliko.

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Is this a horror movie set?

Residents are scared and to be honest, who wouldn't? It looks straight out of a horror movie and according to a report on CNN, there are spiders crawling all over the 300-meter-long giant web.

When local resident, Giannis Giannakopoulos, began to notice it days ago, his first instinct was not to run. He got out his camera and took pictures of the strange phenomenon.

What caused it really?

Although this was his first experience with the giant web, he told CNN:

It’s natural for this area to have insects, no one is especially worried.

People are either freaked out online or find it funny, but Greek biologist Fotis Pergantis has offered an explanation.

Pergantis says the phenomenon is caused by a specific organism favored by spiders for snacking: the gnat. They reproduce rapidly especially in humid regions like Aitoliko.

That said, spider webs are not particularly a cause for alarm, except of course for animals they consider prey. And actually, as the above video shows, their structures are an elaborate feat of engineering. Thoughts?

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