Viral Video Shows Massive Pipe Explosion Blasting A Hole In The Middle Of Fifth Avenue, NYC

Date July 20, 2018

Authorities in New York are now facing a big problem. An aging steam pipe exploded beneath Fifth Avenue, thus erupting 10 stories high white smoke that stretched up to the sky.

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According to Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, the 1932’s pipe erupted around 6:40 a.m. between 22nd and 21st streets.

The main problem

The old pipe contained cancer-causing asbestos, which created a lot of health concerns. Is the air safe to breathe? What about the long-term effect of exposure through debris?

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But, luckily, officials assure that the potentially dangerous substances were found in the pipe itself, not in the air.

Evacuation process

In the epicenter of the exposure, a total of 49 buildings were evacuated, and the whole area was closed down. About 500 residents were displaced.

Con Edison, one of America’s largest energy companies, is believed to pay for the hotel accommodation until it’ll be safe to come back to the affected area.

What actually happened?

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt with a few people receiving only minor injuries.

More than 100 firefighters joined forces with the NYPD and crews from Con Edison to respond to the situation. The explosion left a large hole with a thick white vapor coming out of it, which can be seen on the street. It reminds a scene from an apocalyptic movie.

Daniel Nigro stated that although there weren’t any outages or major disruptions, it will take a long time to repair the damage.

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