Sick Pedophile Who Abused Eight Children Walked Out Of The Court As A Free Man


July 3, 2018 09:20 By Fabiosa

A friendly old pensioner living next door might be hiding dark secrets you would have never suspected of.

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Vile abuser

A serial pedophile, who abused eight children over almost two decades, walked out of the courtroom breathing in the air of freedom.

80-year-old Brian Heffron, who suffers from dementia, was charged with 12 offenses against children, but he won’t spend a day in prison because he was deemed unfit to stand trial.

The former dockyard worker has not been convicted of his crimes despite the fact the jury has unanimously agreed he was guilty. The pensioner took advantage of girls and a boy as young as five but received a complete discharge for his vile acts, committed between 1979 and 1997.

According to judge, the risk of Heffron abusing anyone again is very low, so he relied on day-to-day care. Heffron will be also added to Sex Offender Register and stay there for five years.

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People’s reaction

When Heffron was told he is free to go, one victim’s relative asked “what’s the point?”, accompanied by the sounds of dismay from the public gallery. Other people took to Twitter to voice their opinion.

How to protect children from pedophile

Unfortunately, we live in times when sexual abuse and exploitation of children can happen anywhere and anytime. It’s important to know who your children are spending time with and get involved in their lives.

Make sure your children use their intuition – if they feel uncomfortable, they should try to get out of that situation; if they feel unsure about doing something, they shouldn’t do it. And remember to be always on the watch, as usually, the pedophile is known by both a child and you.

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