Sydney Pub Turned Away A Disabled Woman Thinking She Was Drunk, But She Actually Had Cerebral Palsy

Date August 23, 2018

Even in our time, disabled people are still treated with rudeness and disrespect. A woman was celebrating her 21st birthday, but she had no idea that her celebration will be ruined by people who refused to believe in her condition.

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Ruined birthday

A young woman just turned 21 and decided to have the best day ever as she tried to enter her local pub. But she was rudely denied the entrance because the bouncers thought she was intoxicated when actually, she had cerebral palsy.

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Matt Moran's Marlborough Hotel in Newtown, Sydney, was drowning in a tsunami of criticism after it admitted that what the establishment did was wrong.

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According to Daily Mail, one of the woman’s friends claimed that the guards even went as far as laughing at her illness. She wrote:

As I was walking out of the line, I overheard the security say 'watch, she's going to fall', blatantly making fun of her. Disgusting!

After the incident, the company acted quickly and released a statement saying that the security guards in question no longer work there.

Public apology

The pub also publically apologized to the woman, saying:

We screwed up. Early Sunday morning we refused entry to a young lady as we believed she was intoxicated. Reality was she had cerebral palsy. And it was her 21st birthday. And we ruined her night. We apologize to the young lady, her friends, and family. Unreservedly. We apologize for the humiliation and distress that we have caused.

Some social media users noted that an apology is not enough, and they should have compensated the embarrassment they caused to the woman. Do you agree with them?

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