92-Year-Old Man Beaten By A Woman With A Brick Is Finally On His Way To Recover: 'I’m Only Going To Rely On Jesus Christ’s Help. I’ve Never Asked For Bad Things To Happen!'


July 13, 2018 12:13 By Fabiosa

When a senior man gets beaten half to death just for walking down the street, it’s totally appalling and craves for some action.

Anti-Mexican racism?

There are proofs what’s happened to a 92-year-old Mexican, Rodolfo Rodriguez, wasn’t an accident, and it was clearly done on purpose. He says he was quietly having his regular walk around the blocks when an African-American woman started beating him with a brick for no reason. And here's a brief overview of what's happened. 

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As a result, the man ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, two broken ribs, and bruises on his face, back, and abdomen.

On his way to recover

Luckily, the man has survived such an awful assault, and he is on his way to recovering. The man feels much better one week after, and that's sheer luck. He is eternally grateful to people who supported him. But the main thing he believes in is the help of God. Here’s what the man says:

I’m only going to rely on Jesus Christ’s help. I’ve never asked for bad things to happen!

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According to the police record, the woman who assaulted Rodrigues has been arrested several times before.

Public reactions

The story of this man is hard to believe in. There’s too much cruelty in this world, and the most disappointing thing is that innocent people suffer from those who are not satisfied with their lives.

All in all, public reactions on this case were more than clear. People just wanted the woman in jail. It’s heartbreaking to see innocent people suffer, and we should try our best for such things not to be repeated ever again.

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