'Doctor Opiate': A Retired Doctor Is Accused Of Prescribing Fatal Overdoses To Patients

Date June 18, 2018 16:28

Opioid epidemic is an acute problem in today’s word. And no matter how strange and unreasonable the following might seem, there’s a high chance it stems from no one else but doctors.

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There are lots of cases when people are prescribed an opioid for their back, and then, they end up with an addiction to that drug. And it’s a problem every doctor should take into account and decide if a person might fall into addiction or not.

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The case a retired ‘Doctor Opiate’ has gathered a lot of attention in the society. The thing is Dr. Jane Barton is accused of ruining hundreds of people’s lives by prescribing them fatal overdoses of opiate painkiller diamorphine. It’s expected the doctor will be found responsible for the crimes. The 69-year-old retired doctor is said to cause 833 deaths.

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However, if you feel your doctor might have made a mistake and it directly influences your health and well-being, it’s possible to file a complaint against such a doctor. Misdiagnosis, careless treatment that causes you harm, or an unusual delay in treatment – these are the cases when you can file such a complaint. And it should be done via your state’s medical board.

Let’s hope out health is in professional hands but stay on the alert at the same time.

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