Justice Was Served! Car Wash Mogul Who Cheated 800 Workers Was Sentenced To Pay $4.2 Million

Date July 19, 2018

In Southern California, a car wash mogul was sentences to pay $4.2 million in penalties and back wages. Vahid David Delrahim was accused of cheating more than 800 workers at a dozen car washes across the state.

Who is this man?

The mogul owns more than 100 gas stations and car washes in the region. He’s also a member of Southern California’s Iranian diaspora and even received Tree of Life Award for supporting Jewish community.

What is the case all about?

Juanan Barros Moreno /

Many employees working at Delrahim’s car washes were Spanish-speakers who were not familiar with the American labor laws. The man failed to pay them minimum wage and ordered them to work overtime.

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On top of it, he also destroyed evidence, including text messages and videos recording employees’ comings and goings. The legal battle lasted for 2 years.

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Now, Delrahim is to pay $1.9 million in back wages, $1.9 million in damages, and $400 thousand in civil penalties. It’s likely that more money and workers will be added, as not all employees were identified. Some of them will receive more than $10 thousand.

This is how the public reacted

The case is unique because not so many wage disputes end up in court. But in reality, there are hundreds of wage theft claims In California each year.

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