Angry Son Attacks Doctor After Claiming She Failed To Properly Diagnose His Late Dad


June 21, 2018 14:24 By Fabiosa

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers hold your life in their hands. But unfortunately, they often make deadly errors and can be reprimanded for them. And sometimes, it’s their patients’ relatives who render justice.

Dr. Victoria Hunter was treating another patient when Steven Cook burst into the room. He accused the woman of failing to diagnose his father properly, which led to his death at the beginning of June.

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Although the doctor tried to press the panic button, it was too late. The angry man struck her 4-5 times in the face. As the prosecutor said:

She curled into a ball on the floor and screamed for help. She said the assault felt like it lasted two or three minutes.

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Now, the doctor is left with a displaced front tooth, facial swelling, cuts to her lips, and a suspected broken jaw. She will take several days off to recover.

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In his turn, Cook says it was ‘an act of retribution’. Dr. Hunter treated the man’s father by prescribing him statins for high cholesterol. But Cook suspected his dad was developing motor neurone disease and begged the doctor to take him off medication.

When Cook’s father was rushed to hospital shortly before his death, the man was told that his dad did have motor neurone disease. So, knowing he was right and the death could have been prevented, the man just lost it.

The case caused mixed reactions, with some people supporting Cook’s actions and some accusing him of being violent.

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