15-Year-Old Girl Was Fatally Shot In Front Of Her Dad At His Birthday Party


June 21, 2018 13:21 By Fabiosa

A 15-year-old girl was brutally shot by a stranger who opened fire during her dad’s birthday party.

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Birthday party with a sad ending

A birthday celebration turned into a real nightmare for Duncan Dorsey from Delaware. In a moment, the man lost his 15-year-old daughter and best friend.

When a police arrived at the crime scene, they saw two victims with gunshot wounds who were later pronounced dead. One of the victims was Doris Dorsey. The teen girl was found inside her father’s car in the front yard.

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Another victim was identified as Vincent DiMenco, who was outside the house talking to Doris’ father when a stranger opened fire at Dorsey’s residence.

Doris’ father was able to run away. The teen girl and Mr. DiMenco were shot and killed by the suspect.

New Castle County Police work around the clock to identify the gunman. The tragedy happened on Mr. Dorsey’s birthday. The loss man said he had no idea why would anyone want to hurt him or his teen daughter.

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Mr. Dorsey told The Delaware News Journal the gunman smiled before opening fire.

When I saw the shotgun, it destroyed me. Then when he shot it, I was ‘Oh my God. No. This can’t be.’ It’s a nightmare.

The investigation of the crime is in the process. Officials ask everyone who can help identify the killer to address New Castle County Police Department.

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