5-Year-Old Boy Fell To His Death From The Cliffs Along With His Mother. Grieving Dad Pays Tribute To His Loved Ones

Date June 20, 2018

A grieving father of a 5-year-old boy pays tribute to his little son and beloved wife who were found dead after falling from the cliffs.

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Tragedy on the Beach Head cliffs

On Tuesday morning, Cheryl Tompsett and her 5-year-old son Leo were found by rescue crews near Beach Head area, Eastbourne. Cheryl and Leo fell to their deaths from the cliffs.

Leo’s father paid an emotional tribute to his little son saying:

With more sadness and hurt than anyone can imagine, our precious Leo who was our shining light, our brightest star has had his life cut short.  

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The police are investigating the case. They also consider the possibility of a murder-suicide. Officer Simon Dunn said to the local news:

Our investigation continues in this tragic case, however, at this time, there is nothing to suggest that anyone else was involved in their deaths.

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Meanwhile, Leo’s dad said he could not imagine any reason why his wife would intentionally take hers and their son’s lives. Mr. Tompsett also asked for privacy during this painful time.

Our condolences to the grieving dad on his tragic loss. Rest in peace, Cheryl and little Leo.