5-Year-Old Girl Was Attacked And Severely Injured By A Bear That Somehow Got Into Her Backyard


May 14, 2018 16:46 By Fabiosa

A 5-year-old girl was attacked by a bear at the backyard of her house in Colorado. The girl got serious injuries and was immediately hospitalized in critical condition.

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Little girl was injured in a bear attack

On Sunday, 5-year-old Kimberly Cyr got into a hospital after she was attacked by a big black bear. Kimberly went out of her house to check the noise coming from a backyard. The girl thought it was a dog that came from one of the neighbor’s houses. Unfortunately, it was not a dog.

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A big bear crawled into the territory and attacked the child. When the mother heard her daughter screaming, she rushed outside the house and saw Kimberly bitten and dragged by the creature.

The woman began screaming and asking for help. The noise probably spooked the bear, and it released the girl.

The frightened mother immediately took Kimberly to the St. Mary's Medical Center. The girl got serious soft tissues injuries and underwent a three-hour surgery. At the moment, her condition is considered as stable.

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According to the local Department of Agriculture, the search for the bear that attacked Kimberly is still in process. Its spokesman, Rebecca Ferrell, told ABC News that interactions between humans and bears in Colorado are "extremely rare."

Ferrell explained that a person who sees a bear should stay calm and avoid making any sudden moves.

Do not ever run from a bear, don't try and climb a tree, because a bear can do both of those things much faster than we can.

Ferrell also said bears are often looking for something to eat, and people should be careful about where they keep garbage or pet food.

We hope these simple rules will be useful for everyone who lives in the area populated by bears. Keep safe!

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