7-Week-Old Baby Is Fighting For Her Life After Being Hit In The Head By A Softball In A Tragic Accident


May 8, 2018 11:36 By Fabiosa

A 7-week-old baby girl got severe trauma after being hit in the head by a softball when her mother was breastfeeding her.

Baby girl hospitalized with a brain injury

McKenna Hovenga is just 7-week-old, but this baby girl already struggles for her life. Last week, McKenna got life-threatening injuries when she was hit in the head by a softball during her father’s game.

McKenna’s mother, Kassy Hovenga, was breastfeeding her daughter when suddenly, a softball was sent flying from the field and struck the baby.

McKenna was immediately hospitalized and then transformed to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The infant was diagnosed with skull fractures and severe brain damage.

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The girl’s parents don’t blame the player who threw the ball. Kassy explained how it all happened to Fox:

Lee had his back to the field and never saw the ball coming. We're really not sure as it happened so fast… Neither of us saw the ball as it came over the fence.

At the moment, McKenna’s condition is considered as critical but stable. Her parents launched a fundraising campaign to cover medical expenses for their daughter’s treatment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with little McKenna and her parents. Please pray for this family too.

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