8-Year-Old Boy Dies In A Sleep Hours After Hitting His Head In Playground


July 2, 2018 10:27 By Fabiosa

A little boy died hours after banging his head in playground. The boy just fell asleep to never wake up again.

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Boy dies in his sleep

8-year-old Leo Burton from Gosport, Hampshire died in his sleep a few hours after he hit his head playing in a park.

His mother Natalie said there were no bruises or other signs of severe injuries on Leo’s head. In the evening, the boy just went to bed as usual.

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Next morning, his parents and siblings all woke up, but Leo did not. He passed away peacefully while sleeping.

Later, paramedics reported the cause of the kid’s sudden death – he had suffered a brain bleed as he slept that provoked a cardiac attack.

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The grieving parents still could not believe this horrible tragedy happened to their sweet boy. They remember Leo as “always happy and smiling kid.”

Leo was loved so much by everyone. He was a beautiful boy and we will miss him so much.

We keep praying for this family amid this painful time. Find your peace in heaven, little Leo!  

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