Blood Moon 2018 Is Almost Here! Find Out How You Can Watch The Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse In The Real Time From Any Part Of The World

Date July 26, 2018 13:51

On Friday, July 27, humanity will observe a magnificent and rare natural phenomenon of the blood moon. Now, everyone has a chance to watch the century’s longest lunar eclipse in the real time from any part of the planet. How can you do that? The answer is below.

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Blood moon 2018: the facts you should know

A rare lunar event of the blood moon will light up the sky this week. The skywatchers can observe the spectacular phenomenon on July 27, 2018.

The eclipse will be the longest in the 21st century – it’s expected to last for 103 minutes. The approximate time to watch the blood moon is July 27-28 at 7.30 pm UTC (12 am IST) and end at 9.13 pm UTC (1.43 am IST).

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It will be visible across much of Europe, Asia, Australia, southern parts of North America, and South America. The UK will only see the eclipse at moonrise on Friday.

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The good news is that the blood moon is completely safe to look at without any special equipment. People will observe the moon turns blood-red, which actually explains the mysterious name of this incredible phenomenon.

It happens when the moon gets in the Earth’s shadow and the sun reflects a bright red light on it.

How to watch the blood moon in the real time

Despite the blood moon won’t be visible from any part of our planet, everyone can observe this fantastic event live following this link.

NASA is also expected to cover the phenomenon on their official site.

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So, in several hours, we will have a rare opportunity to witness one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the real time. We can’t wait already. What about you?

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