Bode Miller And His Wife Get Emotional In The First Interview After 19-Month-Old Daughter's Tragic Drowning

Date July 30, 2018

Olympic Skier Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Beck Miller made a Friday appearance on Today to open up about the tragic drowning of their 19-month-old daughter in a very emotional interview.

First interview after the tragic accident

Seven weeks after Bode and Morgan Miller lost their precious little girl, the devastating parents speak out with a powerful warning to all adults after the pool accident.

In the course of their emotional talk with Today’s Savannah Guthrie, the Millers begged all parents to take the danger of kids drowning seriously.

The athlete recalled the tragic accident that happened in June to his 19-month-old daughter Emeline.

 It just happens in the blink of an eye. A child under 30 pounds can drown in 30 seconds. And I just keep counting to 30 in my head. That was all I needed. 

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Bode wasn’t present when the pool accident took place. His wife was at home. She lost a sight of little Emeline for a couple of minutes, and that’s when everything happened.

Bode and Morgan are expecting another baby in October. The couple has three children.

Important to know for all parents!

After the pool accident, the Millers launched a fundraising campaign in memory of Emeline. The family decided to donate the raised funds to organizations connected to water safety education.

Drowning takes the first place among causes of death in children aged 1-5.

We ask all parents to pay a constant attention to their kids playing in the water.  Do not get distracted by talking on a phone or other kind of stuff.

Watch children all the time while they are in a pool. Do not neglect pool safety rules.

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Keep your children safe!

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