Father Saw A Terrible Car Crash Not Realizing It Was The Scene Of His Teenager Son’s Murder


May 15, 2018 10:58 By Fabiosa

Parents of a 18-year-old boy recall a tragic accident when their only son was knocked down and killed a few yards from his home, just because he went out for fresh air. The boy’s father saw a terrible car crash not realizing it was the scene of his son’s death.

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Fatal accident took the life of a 18-year-old boy

18-year-old William Dorey was out of home for a running when he was struck by a Renault Megane. Describing the day of the tragedy, Mr. Dorey explained that his son had been doing his homework when he decided to go out to breathe fresh air.

His parents began to worry when in a couple of hours William still didn’t return home. His father went to look for him. Not far from their home, Mr. Dorey saw the scene of the crash. There were several police cars which arrived there.

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Passing by the scene of the crash, Mr. Dorey had no idea it was his only son who was killed in the accident. Later, the desperate father described that devastating moment to Chronicle Live:

At this point, I didn't know what in front of me was the scene of my son's fatal accident.

After the failed search for his son, Mr. Dorey came back home. He told his wife about the crash nearby their house. Ms. Dorey joined her husband to see the crime scene.

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One of the officers showed them a smashed mobile and pair of glasses and asked if they recognized them. Ms. Dorey said the glasses and the mobile belonged to her son William. Her husband told to Chronicle Live:

She knew that was the end of her life as she knew it.

Mr. and Ms. Dorey were taken to identify their son’s body. In the course of the investigation, it was revealed that William was struck by the Renault Megane that was driven by two students.

Our condolences to the Dorey family on their son loss. We also want to remind all drivers to follow safety car rules on a road. Remember that your carelessness can cost someone’s life.

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