Gay Couple Claims The Airline Company Told Them To Give Up Their Seats So That A Straight Couple Could Sit Together

Date July 31, 2018 11:07

A gay couple claims they were asked to give up their seats during an Alaska Airlines flight so that a straight couple could sit together.

Irma Vitovski /

“I’ve never been so discriminated”

David Cooley, an owner of a gay bar in West Hollywood, and his partner, whose name hasn’t been revealed, were on their way from New York to Los Angeles. But the couple had no idea their journey would turn up a real disaster.

David Cooley shared his story on Facebook claiming that Alaska Airlines had asked him and his partner to switch places so that another couple, which was straight, could sit together.

Cooley wrote in his emotional post:

I have never been so discriminated against while traveling before… my companion was asked to move from his premium seat to coach, so a couple could sit together.

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Mr. Cooley said he explained to the flight attendant he and his partner were a couple too, but it didn’t make any difference.

David’s companion was reportedly given a choice to either give up the premium seat and move to coach or get off the plane. The couple chose the second option and another airline company to move back to LA.

The airline’s response

In their turn, Alaska Airlines representatives explained to Fox News that Mr. Cooley and his partner had been asked to switch seats only because of a seating mistake and overbooking.

The airline also apologized to the gay couple on Twitter claiming they “hold a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind in their workplace.”

What do you think about this case? Did the airline have a right to behave like this? Please, share your opinions in the comments.

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