Infant Baby Suffers Brain Damage After Falling Off Bed: “He Is Not The Same As He Was Before”

Date May 9, 2018

Life of Paige Ferguson turned upside down in a second when her infant son was diagnosed with severe brain damage after falling off a bed.

“I couldn’t believe it happened to my baby”

Paige Ferguson and her fiancé, Blake Linton, were spending time with their friends when they heard some noise from the next room. Paige understood something had happened to her infant son Colton. The parents rushed to the room and saw their baby crying on the floor. The infant fell down from a king-sized bed, where his mother put him to sleep.

Colton didn’t stop crying. His frightened parents immediately took him to the hospital. The doctor’s diagnosis was unpromising – Colton had a fractured skull. There were bad chances he would survive.

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Paige recalled that terrifying moment in a conversation with People:

I couldn’t fathom the idea of something seemingly so minor causing such damage.  I kept hugging Blake and saying, ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Miracle’ baby

Colton underwent his first brain surgery. Doctors still couldn’t believe he would make it. Paige remembers how one of the surgeons came up to her after the surgery and said:

Madam, I need you to understand that most likely your son is going to die from this.

Colton spent the next month in the hospital. During this period, the boy underwent his second brain surgery. Despite the doctors’ sad diagnosis, Colton was well enough to return home. A ‘miracle baby’ - it’s how the medical staff was calling the boy.

When Paige and Blake took their son home, they noticed he was very different: “He’s not the same Colton that he was before.”

Before the accident, the infant was constantly babbling, and now, he doesn’t babble anymore. He’s irritable all the time.

Ferguson said after the trauma, Colton developed severe epilepsy. Doctors expect the boy to have cerebral palsy when he grows up, and he’ll probably have trouble walking and talking.

The devastated parents feel fearful for their son’s future. They launched a fundraising campaign to cover medical expenses. Paige also hopes to raise awareness among other parents so that a similar story will never happen to any child.

We keep praying for little Colton and his family.

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