Is ‘The Nanny’ Revival Really Possible? Its Star And Co-Creator Fran Drescher Surely Thinks So

Date June 21, 2018

All fans of the popular comedy sitcom The Nanny could have all chances to watch their favorite series’ revival. Its co-creator and star, Fran Drescher, says the reboot is possible.


Is ‘The Nanny’ revival really possible?

In her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Fran Drescher discussed the possibility to bring The Nanny back to life.

The actress said she and her ex-husband and co-creator, Marc Jacob, consider the possible of a revival of the famous series.

 Peter and I are talking about it. I’m not mad at that suggestion. I mean, I’m waiting to get the call.

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Fran added that she and Peter are working on a big project together, which going to be very exciting for the fans. Who knows? Maybe, The Nanny reboot is already in the works?

The popular sitcom premiered in 1993, and this year, it celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Nanny ran on CBS for six seasons and got a huge army of devoted fans.

At the recent time, it has already become some kind of tradition to revive the beloved series of the past decades. Probably, after the huge success of Roseanne reboot, the biggest production studios consider the possibility of other sitcoms to get back to life.

Would you like to watch The Nanny revival after 25 years? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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