Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence After A Scandal With Her 'I Don't Care' Jacket

Date June 25, 2018 12:38

Melania Trump broke her silence on social media since the scandal with her ‘I don’t care’ jacket. Oh, and this time, she wore another one.

Melania Trump speaks out after ‘I don’t care’ scandal

As you already know, Melania Trump’s recent outfit generated a wave of negative comments on social media. Well, we all made fashion mistakes, so maybe, we should not judge the First Lady strictly.

In case you missed it, Melania wore a green jacket that read “I don’t care. Do U?” on her back during her trip to the detention center housing immigrant kids.



Most people suggested that Melania’s jacket means the First Lady does not care about the poor children separated from their families at the Mexican border. However, Ms. Trump’s spokesperson revealed that the First Lady’s jacket had no hidden meaning.

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President Trump also shared his explanation about his wife’s controversial outfit, saying that she meant it about fake news in the media.


Finally, Melania broke her silence after the ‘jacket’ scandal. The First Lady posted a video of her visit to the shelter in Texas and wrote on Twitter:

Despite the difficult circumstances children were in good spirits & very kind. It's my sincere hope Congress will be able to reach across the aisle & find a solution!  

People’s reaction

After her tweet, some people began to criticize Mrs. Trump for calling out Congress to find a solution to the migrant crisis, rather than her husband and his administration.

We hope that President Trump and his administration will do their best to find the right solution to the children’s separation. We look forward to hearing your opinions on this important topic in the comments.

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